Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chongqing in March 2007 by digital TV fee

Watching television, side by TV remote control, you can easily pay water, electricity and other expenses. Chongqing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China yesterday said the country's first pay digital TV platform CUP "family silver links" opened yesterday in Hangzhou, ABC is expected in March next year, the general promotion of the business in Chongqing.

How can I pay water, electricity, etc. to achieve television cost? First of all, the home user to install digital TV; Second, the user must open an account ABC. And then pay by the following steps: in the boot page, select "Home JETCO" 鈫?"New User Registration" 鈫?"Agricultural Bank", the page will be an application code; then, the Agricultural Bank customer service telephone call, select the online application 鈫?sign , enter the application code, the Agricultural Bank card number, payment password, ID number to complete contract; Next, start page, select the "Family Silver Link" 鈫?"old user log" can use the appropriate function of the home bank.

In addition, the use of "family silver through", the digital television can also check customer information, billing information, payment information, on-demand information, to achieve the family newspaper and shopping.

CUP Chongqing Branch say "home Silver Link" project is the first country to launch digital pay television platform, and ATM (automated teller machine), telephone banking, online banking compared to the "family silver links" at home edge TV side operation, query more convenient, more efficient payment.

Agricultural Bank of China disclosed that the first half of this year, the city has begun to install digital television in 2008 could cover the entire city, then, the main city of 620 000 users can use this service.


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